​Grants & Scholarships

Tuition assistance is available to anyone and everyone who is considering Saint Rosalia Academy for their children’s education. This form will enable a family to apply for the Bishop’s Education Fund (BEF), Scholastic Scholarship Fund (SOS), and St. Rosalia Academy Parish Tuition Assistance Fund.


There is an application fee of $28 if applying for the BEF or just the SOS.  Income Guidelines for financial aid are: Parent income: $91,620 for a family with one child. Add $10,000 for each additional dependent. These scholarships are made possible by Pennsylvania corporations taking advantage of the Pennsylvania Tax Credit program entitled Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) or Pennsylvania Act 2001-4.


If you are applying for the BEF grant, your Pastor’s signature is required for verification. However, no pastor’s signature is needed if applying only for the

SOS grant.


Parish Code for St. Rosalia is 6335 and school code is 6128. Parish code for St. Regis is 6334. All parishoners with children attending St. Rosalia Academy are highly encouraged to apply for assistance. We welcome all those considering Saint Rosalia Academy to apply for financial aid. Due date for the PSAS form is generally the second week of March.


 Any business in the area interested in taking part in the Educational Improvement Tax Credit by placing your tax dollars into the fund to assist in education can also contact us for information. It is a worthy cause and benefits so many students with tuition assistance.


All applications for assistance are processed by Private School Aid Service (PSAS).


If you have any questions about the grants, please contact the school office:

(412) 521-3005




411 Greenfield Avenue, Pittsburgh PA  15207

At Saint Rosalia Academy, we respect the uniqueness and dignity of each individual by nurturing the growth of the whole child in

a peace-filled Catholic faith community. 

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