A reasonable amount of homework, according to grade level, is of great educational value

and so is assigned every day. Assignments are not always written. Study and memory

work are frequently assigned. Homework is assigned on a regular basis to:


  • enrich school experiences
  • provide practice and review
  • develop good study habits
  • teach responsibility
  • foster originality



Parents can assist students with home assignments in the following ways:


  • Provide a quiet spot away from the television, telephone, or other distracting elements.

  • Check to see what was accomplished during the designated study time regarding completeness, neatness and correctness.

  • Be willing to listen to reading, spelling, and math facts and to explain procedures, but never do the assignment.

  • Consult the teacher if the child uses the excuse “no homework” too often.



If for some reason, the child cannot complete an assignment, the parent should inform the teacher by written note stating the reason. Arrangements should be made as soon as possible to make up incomplete assignments.




The Diocese recommends the following time schedule for home study:


    * Primary (levels 1 - 3) 30 minutes
    * Intermediate (levels 4 - 5) 45 minutes
    * Upper Elementary (levels 6 - 8) 1 to 1 1/2 hours


At the discretion of the teacher, homework is not generally assigned on weekends. In case of a student’s absence, requests for homework should be made by calling the school office at 412-521-3005 before 10:30am.

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