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Every parent and guardian of a student at Saint Rosaia Academy is a member of the Saint Rosalia Academy PTG. The main responsibility of the PTG is to raise funds as mandated by the diocese. Each school is responsible for raising 10% of the operating costs through fundraisers. This seems as if it is a daunting task; however, with EVERYONE’S participation the goal is certainly attainable.  In order to ensure that the families in the school raise the expected amount the members of the PTG board have planned several fundraisers for the 2016 - 2017 school year. 


The board will be responsible for planning and implementing fundraisers (this includes the Parish Festival), increasing parent involvement, and supporting the staff and faculty of Saint Rosalia Academy. Anyone interested in serving on the PTG board may do so.  In order to serve on the board, an individual must chair or co-chair at least one fundraiser or school event.


For the 2016 - 2017 school year the PTG will hold four general meetings throughout the year, and board meetings on the second Tuesday of every month in the convent. All parents are welcome to attend both general and board PTG meetings.  The first general meeting will be held at the Welcome Picnic.


The fundraising fee for the 2016 - 2017 school year will be $550.00 per family.

The fee may be added to FACTS beginning with the first tuition payment.   Fundraisers throughout the year serve to lower this fundraising fee.


Fundraiser Events Calendar

September 17

Outdoor Cash Bash


September 12

Welcome Picnic


October 22

Autumn Fest


November 16

Purse Bingo in Wuerl Hall


November - December 

Anderson's Candies Sale


Santa Bag Raffle



Santa Secret Shop / Storybook Forest


November 26

Barnes and Noble Book Fair


February 11

Purse Bash


Each Friday During Lent

Lenten Fish Fry



Anderson's Candies Easter Sale



Fashion Show at South Hills Country Club

Blockwalk Fundraiser



Parish Festival





Other Volunteer
Pizzeria Uno Night
Cafeteria Workers
(always welcome)
Lenten Kitchen


Saint Rosalia Academy
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Parish Information
Saint Rosalia Parish
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F: 412-421-4529



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