Saint Rosalia Academy

– A Eucharistic Centered School


From the moment visitors walk through the doors of St. Rosalia Academy, the Catholic identity of the school is seen.  A banner hanging on the front wall proclaims the school’s Catholic identity as: “St. Rosalia Academy – A Eucharistic Centered School”.  The meaning behind those words covers the qualities that guide our actions and create the environment that shows our Catholic identity.  We believe a Eucharistic Centered School supports the qualities of BELONGING, CELEBRATING, LISTENING, and CARING.  These four words carry the powerful message that Jesus taught us of how to treat others.  Jesus taught a message of belonging.  He welcomed all to his side when he walked the earth and we believe his message lives on in us as we welcome all and commit to creating a sense of belonging for all the students and families who come to our school.  To create the feeling of belonging, our pastor and principal invite all the new families of our school to meet with them, teachers, and PTG members at an August Social.  We greet all who enter with the sign on the door which reads “Welcome to the Family of Saint Rosalia Academy”.  We include everyone in our school as members of our family – our family in Christ.


Jesus celebrated with others even when his most famous celebration with his apostles, The Last Supper, ended with the ultimate sacrifice of his life.  As a faith family, we celebrate together at our Back to School Picnic, Catholic Schools’ Week ice-skating and bowling trips, and classroom parties that recognize important events.  We celebrate our students every month with a special assembly that honors their achievements and good works, and we celebrate the individual and team accomplishments that our students achieve in our daily announcements.


Prayer, an important part of deepening our relationship with God, is a daily practice in our school.  We believe that Jesus listens to our prayers and we encourage one another to be the ears of Jesus on earth when we pause to listen to each other.  We are fortunate to have a chapel within our school and it is used for all types of prayer, including quiet time, to listen to what Jesus might be saying to us.                            


When we think of Jesus, we remember all his caring actions to all.  We show the quality of caring in the values that we teach in our school.  Our caring extends to others through our Builder’s Club, service projects, giving up recess time to help teachers, partnering with the younger grades, and in our small actions to one another.  These four Eucharistic qualities are what give us our Catholic identity and we do our best to be examples of these qualities to others.


We are so proud to proclaim the good news of our Catholic identity that we reach out to the communities of Hayes, Hazelwood, and Greenfield in the community newspaper “The Homepage”.  In each issue, the particular quality of our focus that makes us a Eucharistic Centered school is highlighted in an article written by our principal.


We invite you to come and share in our Catholic faith based school and observe our actions in practice.  We will always be – St. Rosalia Academy, sharing our Catholic identity with all as a “Eucharistic Centered School."

At Saint Rosalia Academy, we respect the uniqueness and dignity of each individual by nurturing the growth of the whole child in a peace-filled Catholic faith community.

411 Greenfield Avenue, Pittsburgh PA  15207

At Saint Rosalia Academy, we respect the uniqueness and dignity of each individual by nurturing the growth of the whole child in

a peace-filled Catholic faith community. 

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