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Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to the St. Rosalia Academy After School Care Program. Please take the time to read the following procedures and regulations regarding the program.

1. Children will only be released to a designated person on their release form. If there is a change to the release form, please submit the change to the office.


2. The program will be provided to students in grades K-8 on full days of school, beginning September 5, 2017. There will not be After School Care on early dismissal days.  If After School Care will not be provided on other dates a note will be sent home in the Thursday folder.


* Please pay attention to the Pittsburgh Public School’s After School Programs/Activities cancellations as we will follow those procedures during severe weather conditions. This is to ensure the safe release of students and staff


3. One snack per day is provided at $0.50 per child, per day or $2.00 per 5 day week.  Please know that this is a long day for your child and you may want to pack additional snacks, especially if your child stays until after 4:00 PM


4. A weekly schedule is to be completed and placed in an envelope labeled as follows: Name, Grade, and Attention: After School Program.  The weekly schedule is due on the Friday prior to the week that the program is needed. You may write your own schedule or use the form provided.


Please send your child’s schedule in to your child’s teacher, insuring that everyone is on the same page regarding the dismissal of your child.


EXAMPLE:  If the program is needed Monday 8/29/16 the schedule is due Friday 8/26/16.


5. The charge for the program is $6.00 per hour, per first child, plus $0.50 for a snack. For the second, third, etc. sibling the charge is $3.00 plus $ 0.50 for a snack each child. A bill will be sent home every 2 weeks.  You no longer need to prepay, unless that works best for your family.  Bills will be sent home every other Friday and your payment can be sent in the following week.  If you would rather be billed more or less frequently an arrangement can be made.


EXAMPLE: If one child attends the program for three hours the charge is $18.50 (including snack). A late fee of $5.00 per every 5 minutes will be added for any pick up after 5:30 P.M. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please check the Thursday folder regularly for other information regarding the ASCP.




6. The program begins at dismissal time and ends promptly at 5:30 P.M.  Again, anyone picking up a child after 5:30 P.M. will be assessed a late fee of $5.00 per every 5 minutes, NO EXCEPTIONS. This fee is intentionally excessive to ensure the incurrence of late pick up. When making out your schedule, please use the start time of 2:30 P.M. IF YOU CANNOT PICK UP YOUR CHILD AT 5:30PM OTHER ARRANGENTS NEED TO BE MADE FOR YOUR CHILD



7. Make checks payable to ST. ROSALIA AFTER SCHOOL CARE PROGRAM. Your cancelled check is your receipt. If a check is returned from the bank, you will be required to pay for all service charges. If the school receives two returned checks, checks will no longer be accepted.


8. We require advance scheduling in order to properly prepare for the children. NO same day additions to the After School Care Program will be permitted, except in the case of EMERGENCIES.


* If your child is NOT going to the program on a scheduled day, you must contact the SCHOOL BY NOTE OR PHONE before 11:00 AM to report the change. 


*Please report this change to the school office at (412) 521-3005, The After School Care Telephone line is only available during After School Care Hours


9. Your child/children will be removed from the program for lack of payment, discipline problems, or not following the policies in the St. Rosalia Academy handbook. The After School Care Program is considered an extension of the St. Rosalia Academy day. Respectful language and behavior is expected out of all after school care students.  The rules and regulations stated in the St. Rosalia Academy handbook will be strictly enforced. Please go over these rules with your child/children paying close attention to:


  • Physical and verbal bullying and/or threats

  • Use of respectful language to adult in charge and other students

  • Bringing toys and/or electronics from home


10. The program is held on the Terrace Floor of the School Building. When arriving to pick up your child/children, please: 


Use the Pre-School Entrance on Greenfield Avenue.


Use your cell phone to call the After School Care Program upon your arrival at 412-973-8978 (doors will be locked for the safety of the children). If you do not have a cell phone, you will need to walk up to the first group of windows on the left side of the door in order to let us know that you have arrived.


The After School Program telephone number should only be used to convey messages about the pick-up of your child from the After School Care Program. 


11. A typical schedule for the program involves play time, educational computer games, snack time, and quiet activities or homework. When two adults are present to supervise, children will most likely be permitted to play in the gym.


Please CLICK THE GREEN FORM BUTTON BELOW TO DOWNLOAD THIS FORM, FILL OUT and return the bottom portion to the Main School Office. Your signature ensures that you have read and understand all of the After School Care Program’s policies and procedures.

After School Care Phone: 412-973-8978 

411 Greenfield Avenue, Pittsburgh PA  15207

At Saint Rosalia Academy, we respect the uniqueness and dignity of each individual by nurturing the growth of the whole child in

a peace-filled Catholic faith community. 

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