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Throughout this website you will see many things that make Saint Rosalia Academy a special place to learn.  Most of the pictures and information will demonstrate the fantastic learning activities that occur during the year. This year we are able to offer both Spanish and French to many of the students. Students in the the 4 year old all day program to 8th grade will have classes in Computer, Art, Music, Spanish, Health, and Physical Education. Additionally Band and Chorus is available to those students that have a passion for music. This year we have started a new Healthy School initiative that focuses and proper eating and exercise. Using technology, our students utilize laptops to learn things such as PowerPoint, Still Animation, and Coding. These are all exciting changes that demonstrate the school is moving in a positive direction.

Some of the things that you cannot put in a picture, but would make a parent or educator excited, is the level of instruction and the classroom environment that our faculty establishes for the students. Our faculty works hard to identify the needs of every student. They work with parents on developing a plan to help ensure that every child can be successful.  We are fortunate to have a faculty that is able to establish a classroom environment that fosters both personal knowledge and care for every student.  This level of commitment is what makes Saint Rosalia Academy an outstanding place to be.

Saint Rosalia Academy has a strong tradition of excellence.

This tradition can be seen in its strong academic programs. It can be seen in the love and care of Saint Rosalia Parish and in the support of its alumni. I am proud to be a part of the tradition of Saint Rosalia Academy. Join us as we begin to celebrate our second century of education in the Greenfield section of Pittsburgh.

Please feel free to visit the school to learn how we are making Catholic Education exciting.

Sean Davis, Principal


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At Saint Rosalia Academy, we respect the uniqueness and dignity of each individual by nurturing the growth of the whole child in

a peace-filled Catholic faith community. 

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